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Learn about permaculture and put your own projects into practice.

Practical project-based learning about permaculture delivered online, with support to put permaculture into practice.

Skype and email learning sessions with Samantha Downing are delivered in themes. A qualified teacher, Sam believes in learner-centred education, tailoring content to your needs, interests and level of experience. Concepts learnt can then be put into practice in your own projects with ongoing email support for queries that arise along the way. This style of learning is ideal for those wanting an introduction to permaculture or consolidation and support in implementing permaculture methods and design theory.

Introduction to Permaculture - An introduction to permaculture ethics, principles, zones and designing for efficiency. A permaculture design approach starting from your backdoor.

Compost solutions - worm farms, hot compost and calculators. The basis of a successful garden is good soil. Learn some fast-track and small and slow techniques to improve your soil.

No dig gardens - Learn the no dig or sheet mulching method. Start your garden over lawn, weeds or concrete by making a raised garden bed.

Vegetable gardens - what to plant when, seasonal plantings and perennials, companion planting and pest control.

Food forests- set up a food forest using productive tree species and support your trees using a variety of plants with different functions.

Animals in permaculture - integrate animals into your food system through performing a permaculture needs analysis. Reduce costs and inputs through creative strategies to meet their needs.

All about Swales - How-to implement swales, a classic permaculture water harvesting strategy. Make an A-frame or water level or use a laser level to survey your property for building swales on contour.